WWWNow you may be thinking that the only way to make money online is if you put up a website. I really can’t blame you for thinking this way. A lot of people who made their first dollar online did so by putting up a blog. They produce content. When people click on an ad and buy something, they make money. When people click on an ad, they make pennies through AdSense. Whatever the case is, they make money through a website. Now, these people, of course, talk online and it’s easy to get this impression.

The good news is that you don’t need a website to make money. No joke, this is a real story. In fact, there are lots of online promoters that make money on the internet without having to worry about reserving a domain name, buying hosting services, putting up a website and creating content. There are many ways to do it. Here are some ideas.

You don’t need a website to make money – you really don’t!

Publishing is just one of the four main ways to make money online. What other ways are there? Arbitrage, this is a fancy word for buying somebody else’s products and services or digital items at one place and then finding another place to sell it on. This doesn’t require that you have a website. This doesn’t require you handle the merchandise. You just buy low and sell high.

Be creative

Be creative

The second way to make money online, of course, is publishing. As I’ve mentioned above, you create content, put up ads, and when people do something, you make money. The third general way to make money online is through link promotion. You sign up at affiliate programs where you get paid an affiliate commission based on what visitors do with your link.


Your job is to distribute that link as widely as you are legally allowed. When people click on that link and they go to a landing page and buy something, you make a commission. Even if they enter an email address, if the offer that you’re promoting is an email collection program, you can make money. This also applies to zip codes.

Finally, you can also make money online through creating a product. You create a product and then you recruit people to promote that product. If they are able to sell that product or service, you give them a commission. Again, pretty straightforward. The good news is publishing is just one of these four. You can pick any of the remaining three and make money without having to hassle with a website.

Why websites are a hassle

Websites can be time consumingWebsites may look simple and straightforward but they can be a hassle. First, they can be a money pit. Sure, spending $200 a year on hosting may not seem that big of a deal in the big scheme of things, but every dollar adds up. Why should you spend $200 plus a couple of hundred dollars more on email systems when you don’t need to?

Another hassle with websites is that they require maintenance. You can’t just put up a website and forget about it. You need to check up on it. You need to make sure that it loads up. This, of course, costs you money in the form of time.

Another way websites can hold you back is content neglect. When you create a website and you put up content and leave it alone, this might harm your brand over the long haul. People might talk about you content in such a way that it would become impossible for you to do business in the future. This happens when people brand your website as scam or a rip off due to a piece of content you shared at some time in the past. You have to police these reactions. You have to actively manage how people respond to your content. This can take quite a bit of work and time.

Finally, you can end up spending too much time in the publishing process and ultimately discover that you’re not much of a writer. Maybe you’re not much of a publisher. Maybe you just don’t care for the content generation process. Whatever the case may be, you might have spent all this time, effort, and money only to discover that publishing is not for you. Talk about a hassle.

Thankfully, there are other ways you can make money without a website. Here are just some ideas. This is by no means an exhausted list.

Make money with email marketing without a squeeze page

Email marketing requires no websiteThe first thing you need to do is to find an affiliate program that you really like. Maybe they pay a lot of money. Maybe they have a really good landing page. Maybe they have a compelling product. Whatever the case is, you really like this affiliate product. Get an affiliate link once you’ve joined.

Now, the next step is to hire a writer to write a short ad that will go on an email. This email-based ad is called a solo ad. It’s solo because it’s the only ad that appears on the update the email list owner sends to list members.

Depending on how well you researched your sources of solo ads, you may not have to spend a lot of money. In fact, a lot of very busy blogs don’t get much advertiser attention because they don’t shop their blog aggressively. Still, these blogs get quite a bit of targeted traffic. These are goldmines because they don’t know how much their traffic is worth so you can get affordable rates from them and run your solo ads. If their traffic is targeted enough, the solo ads will not just pay for themselves but make you quite a handsome profit. All this is possible without you putting up a squeeze page, building your own list, or putting up a website.

Make money with social media sites

ThumbFinal_4.9.15Create a Facebook page and drive social traffic to it by sharing other people’s content. You can also buy ads on Facebook. Once your page has enough members, you send updates that promote affiliate links. When people click on those affiliate links and buy something or enter email addresses, you make money.

Make money by commenting on blogs

let-us-talk-1166896-639x426If you have a lot of time and you love to write but don’t have a website, you’re in luck. By simply commenting on blogs and posting your links, you can earn income. The secret here is to find niche-targeted blogs. These are blogs that are in the same niche as the product and services that you are promoting. Also, you need to comment on the latest posts made by these blogs.

Finally and most importantly, your comments must actually add value to the post. You can’t just post your link out of nowhere. That would be spamming. If you spam, your redirect link will get banned. Now, the great thing about this approach is that you don’t need a website to do this because there are all sorts of free redirect link services available online. You just enter your affiliate code and your services will create a free redirect link. This is the link that you use in your blog comments.

Make money by buying and selling services

Buying and Selling There are lots of valuable services on Fiverr – a platform where people sell their services for only $5. Your job is to look for other places online like freelance platforms, classified ads websites, even blog comment sections where the consumers of these services hang out. Sell on these places and add a mark-up.

Maybe you can sell at $30 a pop. Maybe you can get away with $50 a pop. Whatever the case is, the difference between your price and $5 is your profit. Contest sites are also really good for buying and selling services. You enter a contest where they pay you a minimum of $250 and you buy the logo or graphics from Fiverr for 5 bucks.

Make money by buying and selling content packages

Content PackagesThere are many writers that sell content in the form of PLR (private label rights) packages. They basically give you the rights to use their products and in many cases, resell their products. You have to pay a little bit more for the resell rights. Once you get those rights, you can then advertise those specialized content packages on classified ads websites or forum posts.

The good news here is that you buy an asset. You can sell it many times and you don’t have to worry about putting up a website because if you bought the right PLR package, people would know what it is and they can make a buying decision by solely on your description.

Keep the tips above in mind. There are, of course, many other ways to make money online without a website. My point is just to open your mind to the possibility of earning an income without going through time expense and hassle of putting up a website. It’s actually much easier than you think. You will just need to wrap your mind around this project, do some experimentation until you come up with something that works on a predictable level for yourself.